Bikini Boxing Association™

Bikini Boxing is the an ultimate entertainment event. A mixture of boxing, exotic ring girls, comedy, and premier DJ's to provide a party like atmosphere!


Bikini Boxing is the ultimate entertainment event!  Every Bikini Boxing Association show features a distinct blend of Action Packed Boxing, Comedy, Dancing and Musical Performances to create a unique entertainment experience.

We have a Celebrity Comedian to Host and invoke a playful spirit. Our host delivers hilarious commentary while local/national female celebrities compete in boxing style bouts. Our company has all the necessary contracts in place to have world-class talent and entertainers partake in our shows. National Models, Instagram Models, and Exotic Dancers are selected and contracted to wear our Bikini Boxing Association Bikinis and roam throughout the event interacting with the crowd as brand ambassadors. Our events also feature well-known DJ’s to play the hottest music of high-energy genres such as EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, and Rock to set the tempo for the show. To top it off we provide event goers with a Halftime Show, which can feature Celebrity Musical Performances, Talent Showcases, or Product Presentation.

We have registered and own the trademark “Bikini Boxing”. This trademark eliminates direct competition, and provides us with the ability to exclusively develop the sport of Bikini Boxing.

Through the combined experiences our company owners have obtained through years in the entertainment industry, and by promoting eight profitable Bikini Boxing Events, we have discovered the ideal formula to expand into new markets that we have carefully researched.

We strive to empower women by providing a platform where they can showcase their talents. Bikini Boxing Association provides the resources to encourage our entertainers to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle. We have partnered up with many local gyms and one national gym to offer our participants free gym memberships as well as multiple other perks.





Bikini Boxing 12
October 21st
The Pourhouse
Minneapolis, MN

Bikini Boxing 13
Oklahoma City, OK
November 18th


David Johnson or James Hollimon